Club Range Rules

Official Rifle Range Regulations/Rules


Following Rules have been Adopted by the memberships to address liability concerns and to ensure saftey. There will be No Exceptions!

Violators of any rules are subject to loss of membership.


Acts of vandalism will result in criminal prosecution and/or payment for damages incured(includes mis-use of range facilities)


*Use of Range by members only. No Guests

*Membership buttons must be displayed.

*Range hours: 8:00 to Sunset

*Range closed during scheduled events where club grounds and being used for other activities, Check Website for schedule.

*All shooting must be done from benches or with-in immediate(10 Foot) area in front of, or aside of, benches.

*All Firearms, Regardless of action type, must be operated in single shot mode only. Maximum number of rounds in firearm is one(1). Includes chamber and magazine.

*Paper target only. Targets must be placed with-in yellow box area only on target backers only.

*One hour time limit shall be observed when others are waiting to use the range.

*Possession of a loaded firearm on the immediate Clubhose Grounds, outside established shooting bench area is prohibited.

*No Automatic weapons allowed on club property.

*Use of alchohol or other controlled substances while using the range is prohibited

*Observe all safe gun handiling practices.

*Eye and hearing protection is required.

*All persons using this range are responsible for keeping the area clean and free of litter(includes all brass and targets) targets must be removed from backers.

Kunkletown Rod and Gun Club is not responsible for anyone injured on the range. An individual using this range does so at his/her own risk, and assumes all reponsibility for injuries to person(s) or property.